Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is the only international cancer support charity, providing practical and very effective free services for women and teenagers suffering from the visible side effects from cancer treatment.



I currently Volunteer at the Velindre Hospital, Cardiff.

This Explains a little about what the charity does and what I get involved in but please go along to their website to find out more.

LGFB is dedicated to improving the wellbeing and self-confidence of people undergoing treatment for any type of cancer. Many beneficiaries tell us that LGFB helped them regain a sense of control and normality at a time when diagnosis and treatment had taken over their lives.

About our Workshops

Our main objective is to help women and teenagers combat the visible side-effects of cancer treatment at what can be a very difficult time in their lives.  We aim to help them literally look good and feel better.


Keeping it simple

We organise two-hour, free of charge skincare and make-up Workshops every week, fortnight or month, depending on hospital requirements in each area in a safe and understanding environment.

Held in hospitals and cancer care centres throughout the UK, each Workshop (normally 10 -12 attendees) is run by a team of qualified beauty volunteers.  Our volunteers have a wealth of experience either working for many of our supporting cosmetic brands within department stores, or who work independently as freelance make-up artists, within salons or run their own beauty businesses.

Off to a great start

When ladies arrive, they receive a Look Good Feel Better gift bag filled with a specially selected range of donated skincare and make-up products suited to their skin tone.

Our team of beauty volunteers guide them through a 12-step skincare and make-up regime, with great hints and tips on how best to apply each product. Particular care is taken with key ‘problem’ areas resulting from cancer treatment, such as re-defining the eye area when ladies have lost brows and lashes.

An uplifting experience

The Workshops are also about having fun. They are informal, relaxed and informative, giving people a chance to meet others in a similar situation. It’s a time for a woman to focus on herself – and not her illness.

We know from research we have conducted and countless wonderful comments made by many ladies who have attended our Workshops just how fabulous they feel following their time with us. From the feedback we regularly receive we know many people arrange to meet friends or family after their Workshop because, often for the first time in months, they feel able to go out and enjoy themselves.

“I never thought of myself as much of a make-up person – I can’t believe how brilliant I feel and look after just two hours. I can’t wait to show my family.” LGFB Beneficiary

If you are interested in attending a Workshop and would like to better understand the format, click here. As you can see the Workshops are an opportunity to forget about your illness and to enjoy the company of others in a welcoming environment.

For further information about any of our services, email or call us on 01372 747500.




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